Angular Belgrade Day 2023

Welcome to Angular Belgrade Day 2023!

This is the first edition of the Angular conference in Belgrade, Serbia. Join us on November 4th to explore the latest trends and best practices in the Angular ecosystem.

The event is free for all attendees!

Organized with ❤️ by the community, for the community.



10:00 — Registration & Coffee

11:00 — Opening Remarks

11:10 — NgRx SignalStore – Journey from Vision to First Release

NgRx SignalStore is a new state management solution in the Angular ecosystem that provides first-class support for Angular Signals. Join me in this talk to learn more about the journey of developing the `@ngrx/signals` library, from the initial idea to the first official release. We’ll explore its core features and discuss the challenges, design considerations, and key decisions that shaped this state management library.

Marko Stanimirović is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Swiss Marketplace Group. He is also a core member of the NgRx and AnalogJS teams, a Google Developer Expert in Angular, and an organizer of the Angular Belgrade group. Marko actively contributes to open-source software, shares knowledge through technical articles and talks, and enjoys playing the guitar. He holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Belgrade.

11:40 — How will Signals influence your Architecture?

One of the most popular new features of Angular is signals. As a lightweight, reactive building block, Signals allow fine-grained change detection and increase the data binding performance.

As is so often, the basics are quickly explained. But only then do the really interesting questions arise: How and where should I use Signals in my application? Do I need a store? What about the new NgRx SignalStore? Do I need to work with Immutables? When to go with Signals and when to prefer RxJS?

These questions are answered here with some examples! In the end, you know how to integrate Signals into your modern Angular architecture.

Manfred Steyer is a trainer, consultant, and programming architect with focus on Angular. Google Developer Expert (GDE) and Trusted Collaborator in the Angular team who writes for O’Reilly, the German Java Magazine, and windows.developer. Regularly speaks at conferences.

12:10 — Lunch break

13:30 — Signals and NgRx: will it blend?

Alex OkrushkoOne of the main purposes for NgRx and ComponentStore is to be a reactive container of state. With Signals being introduced into Angular, does it make NgRx obsolete?

In this talk we’ll go over how Signals and NgRx complement each other and how the responsibilities of NgRx shift.

Alex Okrushko is a Principal Architect at Cisco CX – Customer Experience. He is part of the NgRx team, GDE in Angular, Angular Toronto organizer and co-organizer of the official Angular Discord. In his free time, he loves to learn & share the knowledge, provides NgRx workshops and helps with – the TypeScript style guide.

14:00 — Enhancing Angular Apps: A Deep Dive into SSR and Data Hydration

Mateusz StefańczykSSR lately is experiencing its renaissance and is becoming the leading trend of frontend engineering. Angular’s Universal module has significant improvements, including non-destructive hydration, which plays a crucial role in optimizing Core Web Vitals scores. This innovation empowers developers to create faster, more user-friendly web applications.

Mateusz Stefańczyk is a team leader of the Angular team at House of Angular company and a blogger on the blog, where he shares knowledge and experience about Angular. He develops Angular web applications and is passionate about business analysis and designing custom web application architectures. Mateusz is also keen on gaining expertise in the field of reverse engineering.

14:30 — Unleashing the Power of File-Based Routing in Analog

Ana KljajićWelcome to the world of Analog, the robust meta-framework designed to supercharge your Angular development journey. Analog empowers developers to effortlessly incorporate the cutting-edge features of the JavaScript ecosystem into their Angular applications. Not only that, but it also simplifies server-side rendering and static site generation, requiring minimal effort on your part. In our upcoming discussion, we’ll dive deep into the realm of file-based routing. Say goodbye to manual route configuration – Analog streamlines the process for you, making dynamic route generation a breeze.

Ana Kljajić is a Frontend Engineer at JobCloud. With a background also in Java and a passion for all things code, Ana holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. She’s not just a tech whiz; she’s also a table tennis enthusiast who loves spending time in nature. Ana’s impressive journey includes being a contributor to an IEEE article, and she’s excited to make her debut as a speaker at our event.

14:45 — Coffee break

15:15 — Infinite Scrolling Implemented Using RxJS

Mladen Jakovljević

RxJS is one of the most famous/popular JavaScript libraries for handling asynchronous JavaScript APIs. It’s got a powerful mechanism for handling asynchronous APIs and managing resources when they become unused. In this talk, I will explain how to solve a simple problem of continuous data loading while scrolling the page by mainly using RxJS in Angular app.

Mladen Jakovljević is an Active Core Team member of the RxJS and an avid open source contributor with experience in contributing to RxJS, Angular and other popular JS libraries. A frontend web developer with more than 7 years of experience in writing both frontend and backend JavaScript applications. Ex mobile developer.

15:45 — Navigating Cross-Brand UI Development: Challenges and Strategies for Multi-Tenancy Integration

Nenad DrobacDiscover the journey of merging two independent Swiss real estate projects onto a single tech foundation. This narrative dives deep into our decision-making process and the remarkable evolution of our design system to accommodate multiple brands and beyond.

In this narrative, we’ll uncover the strategic insights and considerations behind the decision to consolidate these projects. Witness the transformation of our design system as it expands to seamlessly empower both brands. We’ll share the strategies, insights, and practical lessons learned in achieving this delicate balance between customization and standardization.

Nenad Drobac is an Engineering Manager at Swiss Marketplace Group with a proven track record in the tech industry. Previously, he honed his skills as a versatile Frontend developer proficient in all three major Javascript frameworks. Notably, during his tenure as a Frontend developer, his passion was dedicated to crafting and perfecting design systems. Beyond his professional life, Nenad’s interests extend to the world of sports, where he’s a passionate spectator and enthusiast. While he once harbored dreams of becoming a professional gamer, life took a different turn, and he transitioned to the world of software development. In addition to his technical prowess, Nenad possesses a keen interest in exploring the dynamic realms of business and marketing. With a deep appreciation for both the creative and analytical sides of these domains, he’s continually broadening his horizons and embracing new challenges.

16:45 — Break

16:30 — Q&A Panel with Speakers

17:00 — Closing remarks