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UX/UI Designer









We are hiring! Join the team of chatty programmers, designers, and marketers.

GG Studio provides services of development, implementation and software maintenance for international clients.

With headquarter in Belgrade, for more than 3 years we successfully work with start-up companies whose clients are famous companies such as FC Ajax, Caterpillar Inc, Fnatic, iProspect and others.

Our studio makes the multinational team of professionals from Serbia, Montenegro, BiH and Austria.

GG is always on the hunt for down-to-earth individual thinkers that know how to work in a team. If you’d like to build bulletproof products and create long-lasting digital legacies for startups all around the world, then read on to find out more about this job position.


Location: Belgrade       |       Employment: Full-time



What you can expect from GG Studio Team

GG Studio really takes care about people and processes inside of our company. That helped us to build a stable company with secure and gradual growth.

Throughout your constant individual and professional growth, we all grow. We will take care of your interests and help you to gain new skills or find out about your hidden talents.


You’ll never walk alone. All of the GG Studio Team members have vast experience in all cycles of product development, branding and marketing. Don’t worry about bumps on the road, we’ll help you survive avoid them as much as possible.

Paid courses and conferences

Hey, you’re working with developers. We have to develop things. That includes you. You’re investing into our legacy, we’re ready to invest in you.

English lessons

You will communicate with abroad clients. We will give you an opportunity to do it without shiver and stress.

Bonuses and day-offs after a successful project

Tapping on the back when you’re doing a good job. Saying Bravo (GG). Giving you space to grow and be the hero of the day.

Team building events and generally friendly atmosphere

We cherish a healthy environment, without unnecessary pressure and stress.

You come, work, develop projects for international companies, get support for improvement, hang out (if you want to), makes some new friends…

Often, we make unformal team building gathering because people are those who make company and relations between them. Presence is not necessary, but it’s nice.

A fair salary (for real)

We invite you to compare our offer with all other offers. Yeah, we know that a competitive salary is often a fluff. Not at GG Studio. Ping us, we’ll prove it.

Your personal (legal) plant

A flower. Take good care of it.