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Are you driven by deep engineering and technically advanced ideas and challenges? Are you looking to become a developer of innovative, industry leading solutions? Are you ready to make significant improvements in your professional career?

We are offering the opportunity to highly motivated software engineers to take part in Technology switch program by ICodeFactory. With our experienced Microsoft Certified Professionals on board, we will help you transition from any programming language to dotnet, ASP.NET, Azure, React, Angular and beyond! We empower software developers to gain expert knowledge by using our expertise in delivering professional training and software development services for almost two decades.

Meet ICodeFactory

ICodeFactory is the company that completes the entire software development process from idea to production. As a Gold Microsoft partner, our team consists of Microsoft Certified trainers who have provided the most successful training projects worldwide.

What is Technology switch program?

Technology switch program is designed for all software developers who want to transfer their skill sets to become expert software developers on Microsoft platform. It does not matter if you have any previous experience in using Microsoft technologies. The program is individualized and mentored by our Microsoft Certified developers and trainers and our experts will provide you with technically advanced training and courses to help you enhance your knowledge and master your new skill sets. Learning and developing professionally is now possible during your working engagement, during the working hours!

Upon successful completion of the program, you will have an opportunity to gain Microsoft certifications and become Microsoft certified professional. Possessing the certifications proves that you are an extra mile runner and that you have mastered targeted skill sets.

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We are always looking for great talents!

Please, send us your CV to [email protected] with the subject “Technology switch program“.

Advance your career and continue your professional development at ICodeFactory!