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Bee IT is a digital agency focused on building high performing e-commerce websites for our international clients. Our main expertise is Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento. Currently, we are employing more than 60 IT professionals in Novi Sad.

Why we need you:

We are looking for a Technical Project Manager to help us build our office in Niš, to use its superpowers and talents to lead and grow an amazing team of developers and office.  This role is really an unprecedented opportunity to have immense impact and lead exponential growth into the next chapter of Bee IT. 

Who is this position for?

Technical Project Manager is a hybrid role encompassing both tech guru and inspiring leader. A technical project manager is instrumental in the planning, scheduling, and management of IT projects. The right candidate must have both a high level of technical expertise and the right mix of capabilities including excellent organization, leadership, and communication skills.

While general responsibilities of a technical project manager are the same as a project manager in any field, technical project managers’ roles are spiced up with a high degree of technicality. They must know the ins and outs of all relevant technologies and architectures to be able to manage these projects like a pro and shine. For example, technical project managers should have expertise in hardware and software installation, upgrades, site maintenance, and, ideally, program and app development. Technical project managers also need to review and validate the feasibility of project proposals. The best part: while tech skills are essential, technical project managers can come from a variety of professional backgrounds.

An ideal candidate should also be able to masterfully balance technical prowess required for the role and soft skills necessary to manage and lead their teams in the best possible way. On top of this, technical project managers should have the right combination of communication skills to speak with clients’ representatives and clearly and openly communicate all of the technical requirements. understand how to communicate technical requirements in easily understandable terms. 

Ideally, your DNA includes these super icon talents:

Why you will love working here:

If you are interested in this position please send us your CV in English.

Feel free to reach out to us for any further information at office@beeit.rsTo learn more about us, visit https://www.beeit.io/ 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.