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Basiq is the leading open banking platform that enables developers to build innovative financial solutions.→

Basiq is an Open Banking platform that provides API services to interact with financial data. Our platform is used by hundreds of developers that have implemented apps to help people better manage their finances. Basiq is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the Asia Pacific region with the world set at its sight. Our customers include range from some of the largest banks in the world to the most innovative fintech companies in the market.

To help us on this journey we are looking for talented engineers that love to be challenged, put quality above all else, are passionate about using the best of breed technology and most importantly love learning new things!

Our development process is entirely test driven, and we adopt continuous-integration (CI) and continuous-deployment (CD) principles to help us stay competitive and ensure that the quality of our platform remains optimal. We use Kanban to help us manage our project workflow and our entire solution has been designed using microservices architecture.

Our technology stack consists of: Go, Machine Learning, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DynamoDB, NodeJS, React, Redux and ELK stack. We have no expectations that you are familiar with these and will provide on the job training to help you get up to speed.

An ideal candidate has:

  • 3+ years of engineering experience using open source technologies
  • Experience with frontend development
  • Product mindset, you understand that building the right tools and systems can impact millions of users
  • Experience writing test-driven software
  • Be proficient in server-side development with languages such as Java, C++, Scala
  • Understands common design patterns
  • Loves working with data – data modelling, analysis and more


  • Work on a product that challenges the banks and helps people be smarter with money
  • Have direct input in the design and development of the platform
  • Flexible start hours – sleep-in and start-later or start-earlier and finish-sooner
  • Learn everything there is about the AWS platform (you will become a master)
  • Get your hands dirty with Machine Learning focused tasks/projects & large, complex data sets
  • Work with a wide variety of technologies in a collaborative environment
  • Competitive pay!

If you are interested in working on a project that truly matters and has the capability to change the world, then send us your CV. We look forward to meeting you.

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