Senior Software Engineer / Java Expert

Our next-generation data management solution gives you the power to be wherever your customers go; on every channel, at each touchpoint.
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We would like to have a human conversation, again.
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We are here to humanise digital marketing again. We make sure marketers speak to the right person, in the right language, at the right time, in the right place. Why? To fulfil the promise of big data and fix the broken customer journey. Let us introduce ourselves.

Relay42 has grown from a start-up to a champion in data marketing technology in Europe. Our product team is the core of our business. The team is multidisciplinary and the decision-making is driven by passion and facts rather than the role. Our team is the archetype of the expat lifestyle: 15 nationalities are spread across offices in Amsterdam, Sofia and Skopje (and wherever some of the teammates might be at the moment). We welcome new ideas and offer the opportunity to explore and develop these further. Together we will conquer and break down the “walled gardens” in the world of online marketing. Are you ready to connect?

We have identified the missing link in our product team.

As a Senior Software Engineer / Java Expert, you will be designing and implementing systems which are reliable at scale and flexible to product innovations. You make sure that the code quality is high and consistent across the team. Your passion for technology makes you a true master in not only Java but Big Data technologies. As a senior team member, you love to address complex architectural problems with simple and intuitive design, while being able to communicate technical ideas and direction across the organisation. You would be working on brand new projects such as Orchestration Engine or Audience Discovery, but also constantly improving the battle-tested parts of our Data Management Platform.

Now that you know us, could you introduce yourself?
Hopefully this starts with…

As a Senior Software Engineer, I’m a good communicator and a true expert in Java, Cassandra, Kafka and Spark. Coding is not just part of my job, it’s one of my passions. Even though I’m predominantly interested in scaling backends, I don’t freak out when I see React.js either. I’ve been known to evangelise best practices and I know how to properly introduce new technologies to an existing architecture.

I don’t shy from responsibilities and I take ownership of my code, which is why I’m taking my CI/CD pipelines very seriously. I’m an absolute champion in covering my code with unit and integration tests, and I have dwelled in the bizarre world of Selenium and Protractor testing. “Performance testing” is not just a phrase I’ve heard on a conference, it’s an integral part of my pipelines. Besides of all that, I’m just a nice person to hang out with.

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Presenting the team

You will join the development team that is lead by Darko Zelić.

As a progressive organisation, we invest a lot of time in improving our processes in addition to “just” working on the product. As such, we’ve moved beyond the traditional rigid team structure and are working in more flexible and scalable “circles” which encourage personal growth and give individuals more recognition for their achievements. Together, we decide where our architecture is going and witch technical developments will be integrated in our daily work. We want you to look back after a few years and say that you are proud of the work you’ve done together with the team.

The team takes care of each other. When you can’t go to work because you are stuck at home, we might just come to you. Are you gone for a longer period of time? No worries, you may have been out of sight but we will not have forgotten you. On your first day back, it will feel like you have never left the office.


  • Budget for training and conferences
  • Flexible working-hours and working from home possibilities
  • Working in our remote offices in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Skopje (Macedonia)
  • Relay42 fun times: From daily ping-pong matches to quarterly events, we know how to have fun
  • Exciting career path for ambitious applicants
  • Hackathons, where the solutions you propose really matter, can be implemented immediately and get every team member so excited that they get integrated in the development roadmap

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