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TX Services is a subsidiary of the TX Group. To expand our Ricardo Belgrade team at our TX Services site in Belgrade, we are currently looking for a smart, talented, and dedicated Site Reliability Engineer.

Today, Ricardo is the largest online marketplace in Switzerland with over 2.3 million listed items and more than 4 million users. For more than 20 years, we have helped our users to find a new home for their idle objects. Ricardo is the paradise of bargain hunters, the happiness of collectors, and therefore second-hand is our DNA.

While you were reading this text, four articles have already been sold on our platform.

You will be part of Ricardo Engineering, a remote-friendly department of 50 engineers located in three countries (Zug, Switzerland – Belgrade, Serbia – Sophia Antipolis, France). We work cross-functionally, with around five teams active on different topics at once.

As a Site Reliability Engineer at Ricardo you’ll help us to provide a reliablesecure, and easy to use platform for all engineers. Working with the platform should be easy and fun, it prevents mistakes and helps software engineers to make the right decisions. The infrastructure provided is scalable and can adapt to future needs of Ricardo.

What we are looking for

We’re a group of seven engineers with a diverse skill set. Besides the usual tools for infrastructure management, we have a few internal tools, written in Go and Python, which we distribute within the team. We are looking for someone with experience in either language, who will be a primary maintainer for one of those tools and has a solid foundation with troubleshooting systems. In addition, you know your way around Linux and know how to debug an issue. For example, you should know how to debug dropped network connections on our Kubernetes clusters.  The command line is where you feel comfortable. When you get stuck you don’t shy away from using man.  Are you a CKA? Great! If not, that’s ok too. You do know your way around Kubernetes, ideally, you’ve run Istio in production before (we do it since version 1.0). You strive to reduce toil and you don’t have to be told what to do. When you notice a problem, you don’t look the other way; you either fix it or come up with a plan. You are curious and want to understand how things work. You are not afraid to ask for help and you are willing to help other engineers.

SRE is a complex role and there are many different areas of expertise. Nobody can know everything but you should be familiar with some of the tools and technologies in the following list: Terraform, CI/CD, Helm, GitOps, Artifactory, Docker, Tracing, Prometheus, Logging, Windows, Istio, Thanos, Keycloak, GCP, Kafka, Cloudflare (WAF), Kubernetes, SLOs.

How do we work

At Ricardo, we work in six weeks cycles and so does the SRE team. Work is usually assigned to two people so that you always have a sparring partner and it gives us the flexibility to pair when needed. It is also a great way to share knowledge with the team. We regularly have short (15-30min) internal tech talks, where we show each other what we worked on and we’ve Hackdays.  Because the bidding on Ricardo never stops, we have to keep the lights-on 24/7. For that, we have a mature on-call organization. Joining the on-call rotation is voluntary but as an SRE you should be willing to join the rotation when needed.

Why work for Ricardo?

Ricardo is a service with a positive impact on the world. Reducing waste by giving idle items a new home is a cornerstone of sustainability. Today there are already over four million people using Ricardo but we are not done yet. We are working hard on making it easy for everyone to participate. We have a modern tech-stack and interesting challenges ahead. We know that keeping up with technology is no easy feat, which is why we have dedicated training and conference budgets for every engineer.  Running a web service used by millions of people 24/7 can be draining, which is why we have generous vacation policies and everybody has access to Headspace for Work.  We’ve been a distributed company since long before Covid, therefore working remotely is normal on our team. If you prefer to work from an office, ours are modern and have areas to focus and to relax. Of course, there are free coffee and healthy snacks at your disposal!