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Senior Java Developer/Team Lead







'Hybrid Remote'

We are looking for a Software developer with strong experience in Java to design and implement scalable solutions using a range of a new and emerging technologies. That means that you will get an opportunity to develop cloud-based applications that utilize cloud services. You will be a part of our Java community, and as such you will be able to share and gain knowledge from other colleagues.

Project, teams, requirements & duties

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Our projects & stack: As a Java developer, you will be working on modern architecture applications which is mostly hosted in AWS. You will be using AWS Lambda, EC2, Cognito, IAM, S3, CloudWatch, RDS, DynamoDB, VPC, API Gateway, and many other AWS services.

We write tests during the development process as regular procedures and deliver high-quality software on a continuous basis with CI/CD software pipelines. A stack on our projects mostly includes:

Our projects follow a standard setup with four environments, having separate environments for development, testing, user acceptance, and production. Since the projects are mostly greenfield and still in development, as a Technical Lead you will have the opportunity to influence the architectural solutions, technical decisions and choice of technologies.

Our teams: Depending on the project, our teams are consisted of software developers, test automation engineers, DevOps engineers and a delivery manager (scrum master), while product owner is client-side. We use Scrum as a framework for software development – we hold daily standup meetings and other ceremonies where every team member can have a say.

Your position in the organization: This position will be a part of our Java department in Belgrade and your department manager would be there to guide you and support your career development. As a Technical Team Lead you will take the lead on the technical topics and outputs in your team, and in order to help you thrive in this role we will support further development of your leadership skills through our Lead9 development programs.

What do we offer?

And much more when we get back to office life! You will hear more details during the interview!