Senior Front End Developer

We strive to break down the old norms of global trade, by fostering the growth of talented people & creative projects through our open source efforts and proprietary innovative solutions.→

We at Balkaneum strive to break down the old norms of global trade. We do this by fostering the growth of talented people and creative projects. We aren’t just getting started, we’ve invented this.

We are proud to work 100% on our own products aimed at the global market and local community here in Belgrade, Serbia.

This job is for you if:

  • You have at least 3 years of professional experience working on the frontend
  • You love sweating over every detail of high-quality responsive websites
  • You have an eye for details and empathy towards the user. You can work with our designers to produce the best user experience possible
  •  You are able to code: we are making complex applications with tons of real-time data flowing through the sockets. You know how to handle it
  • You are a thoughtful and detail-oriented developer. The code you deliver is reasonably tested and stable, leaving only an occasional edge case for the QA to discover. You don’t expect anyone to clean up behind you
  • You are proactive. You don’t just sit idle, but pick tickets you’d like to work on. You create new ones when you have an idea or notice something wrong. You are OK with an informal command structure
  • You understand performance, you can optimize the deployed bundle and remove needless dependencies where feasible
  • You love working with modern technologies and stacks, but are also practical with your tech choices when needed
  • You are OK with sometimes giving a hand on the backend (node.js) or working in a native app (electron or react-native)
  • You are comfortable communicating in English, in written and verbal form

Skills that can help you be the best on this job:

(don’t be scared, these are not hard requirements, but the more of them you can tick, the better)

  • High proficiency with HTML, CSS and javascript
  • Experience with javascript frameworks: react (preferred), angular or vue
  • Ability to gather requirements from internal stakeholders and produce UX diagrams and prototypes
  • Playing well with other developer disciplines, like back-end developers
  • Basic Photoshop skills, ability to cut elements out of a PSD file
  • Knowledge of typescript or willingness to learn it
  • Experience writing unit and integration tests
  • Experience with react helper libraries like redux or thunk
  • Experience with CSS-in-JS style frameworks, like styled-components
  • Experience working with sockets, handling high rate of updates
  • Experience making isomorphic apps with next.js
  • Experience working with WordPress
  • Ability to use git, version control
  • Finding your way around a *nix environment (linux, mac)
  • Some understanding of dev-ops style automation, CI and such
  • Basic node.js skills
  • Basic electron and react-native skills
  • Basic understanding of information infrastructure and on-page SEO structure

Benefits for you:

  • Attractive and modern tech stack
  • Small teams in good offices (no open space), ergonomic chairs
  • Great computers, choose between high-powered PC or Mac
  • No outsourcing, no dealing with clients or salesmen – we work on our own products
  • Sense of ownership that comes from working on young codebases with a good deal of autonomy
  • Private health insurance
  • Company-provided free lunch every day
  • Competitive salary
  • Gym membership
  • Fully stocked fridge, free coffee
  • Company sponsored trips to conferences and meetups
  • Bonuses throughout the year
  • Office located in Belgrade city center

We love our workplace in the city center. We also love diversity and are an equal opportunity employer. So, are you up for the challenge?

Shine alongside us.

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