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We are launching a new disruptive take on multiplayer server architecture. We love multiplayer games! And we love technology!

Together we are building the next generation infrastructure and game servers to help game studios improve their multiplayer experience. We do this with a heavy technology focus on backend multiplayer architecture that will be disruptive to the game experience by breaking almost every existing law on multiplayer server architecture as they are written today. We hire the very best and brightest talent with passion for building products that touches with a global audience.

We are now looking for a Lead Backend Developer to join our team. The role will be to architect, implement and deploy our product on global cloud infrastructure. The product is centered around a new proprietary technology. By joining now, you can be part of a greenfield development project and set the framework for our backend architecture, we envision a architecture which is container based micro-service architecture operated on several of the western and Chinese cloud providers. Our platform will be a SAAS B2B system that will operate directly with our clients player base, in doing so we are scaling to meet the demand of +10 Million concurrent players with hundreds of thousands of Game Servers.

We are hiring a senior software development engineer to join our team in Belgrade. The ideal candidate has a track record of having built multiple high-performance, stable, scalable systems that have been successfully shipped to customers in production.

A competitive salary is offered.


▸ You play a leading role to design and develop major functional changes to existing software systems, or new ones, involving yourself and other engineers.

▸ You make good decisions when to build new and when to extend existing.

▸ You are known for your subject matter expertise.

▸ Your work and your approach to work are exemplary: you drive best practices and set standards for your team.

▸ You can propose and create best practices proactively where none exist.

▸ You are a key influencer in your team’s strategy and contribute significantly to team planning.

▸ You show good judgement making trade-offs between immediate and long term business needs.

▸ You are a collaborative leader that makes other engineers and team members around you more productive, by sharing your knowledge, and helping to tie-break key technical decisions.

▸ You provide mentoring to other engineers and your success is judged as much on your own productivity as on the positive impact you have on engineers around you.

▸ You can troubleshoot a production issue by reviewing source code, logs, operational metrics, stack trace, etc to pinpoint a specific problem and then resolve it.

▸ You can identify root causes and identify learnings to improve both development processes and system design.

▸ Balance between new disruptive tech vs stable and proven.


 ▸ 5-10 years of engineering experience.

▸ Experience with scalable cloud architecture, microservices, cloud services, CDN, caching, event-driven architecture.

▸ In-depth knowledge of backend systems architecture, design, scale and development.

▸ Proficient in several languages with an edge in Java or C#.

▸ Ability to make holistic performance optimization.

▸ Master of Engineering in Computer Science or similar relevant field.

▸ Proactive problem solver.

▸ Earlier hands on experience with Game Engines and related tools such as: Unreal Engine, Unity, Lumberyard, Photon, SpatialOS, Cocos, FrostBite or other proprietary engines is a merit but not a demand.