Turn data into meaningful relationships.

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About Us

In 2011, two computer science graduates had one big idea; to empower marketers to create better journeys for their customers – through smart technology.

Joined by three ex-Googlers, Tomas Salfischberger and Koen Bos built a leading European Data Management Platform (DMP) which was independent from the ground up, giving marketers the flexibility to be where customers are, and put their best foot forward.

Then, the idea grew.

And with sharp-minded Devs and Engineers, martech-obsessed Product Specialists & a bunch of go-getter growth marketers behind it, ‘DMP’ evolved into an Intelligent Orchestration Platform; a next-generation data management solution with added industry-specialized Artificial Intelligence, and an Orchestration engine to move smart predictions, into contextual customer engagement.

What Are We Building

Relay42 is a next-generation data management solution – the only platform with integrated Artificial Intelligence and Orchestration that helps brands anticipate and address customer needs wherever they go.

Our Intelligent Orchestration Platform (IOP) transforms your data into meaningful relationships by connecting internal and external data, and activating it on every channel, each touchpoint, and any smart device.

We’ve created more than a Data Management Platform. Our Platform empowers global brands such as KLM, Mazda and Vodafone to be where their customers are, wherever they go, in real-time, built from the ground up to give you the freedom, flexibility and agility to build sustainable customer relationships.

How Are We Working

As a progressive organisation, we invest a lot of time in improving our processes in addition to "just" working on the product.

As such, we've moved beyond the traditional rigid team structure and are working in more flexible and scalable "circles" which encourage personal growth and give individuals more recognition for their achievements. Together, we decide where our architecture is going and witch technical developments will be integrated in our daily work. We want you to look back after a few years and say that you are proud of the work you've done together with the team.

  • Java,
  • Cassandra,
  • ActiveMQ,
  • Axon,
  • Kinesis,
  • Hadoop,
  • React,
  • AWS,
  • Ansible,
  • Docker
  • Git,
  • IntelliJ,
  • InVision
  • Slack,
  • Jira,
  • Confluence,
  • BitBucket,
  • Google Drive

Our Team

The team is multidisciplinary and the decision-making is driven by passion and facts rather than the rank.

Our team is the archetype of the expat lifestyle: 15 nationalities are spread across offices in Amsterdam, Sofia and Skopje (and wherever some of the teammates might be at the moment). We welcome new ideas and offer the opportunity to explore and develop these further.

Where Are We Working

Our main office is located in the hipster central of Amsterdam Noord.

Meaning that we can often be found in the nearby cafés, restaurants, breweries and clubs; depending on the occasion. Still, our fridge is always full of organic food while drinks and snacks come in various levels of (un)healthy.

In addition to that, we have all the usual amenities: foosball table, ping-pong table, standing desks, board games. Y'know, the lot.

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