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About us

Traveling on a pirate’s budget!

Founded in 2011, the HolidayPirates Group is one of the fastest growing international travel companies, offering the best deals on cheap flights, hotels, and packages through its multiple travel portals.

HolidayPirates has more than 150 employees from 32 different countries, operating across 11 websites in 7 different languages. We currently have a presence in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Switzerland, and most recently, the USA.

Companies founded under HolidayPirates Group are: VoyagesPirates SAS in France; HolidayPirates Ltd. in London; Flynder GmbH in Germany for selected and unique flight deals; Pirate Technologies d.o.o in Serbia for new technologies and the advancement of our own product; and the recently launched TravelPirates Corp. in the US.

What we are building

We are developing the world’s most loved online travel search platforms that empower people to see and experience the the farthest corners(as well as those near ones that have beautiful beaches and nice hotels) of the planet on the pirate’s budget!

Holiday Pirates

The “secret sauce” recipe is our focus to get the best value to our customers by offering them the best deals available and also by featuring error fares (mistakes in pricing where travelers have to react very quick in order to really travel on a pirate's budget).


Flynder is the first and finest flight portal with exclusive deals and special fares not available through any other flight search platform.

How we are working

First off, it is important to emphasize the most important part of the company in order to understand how we work. Freedom and responsibility are the cornerstone of the company culture.

Present since the inception, they are the hallmarks of any successful startup, and we did grow from a startup. But even though many moons have passed since we have worn the startup moniker, the values that helped us get going and to grow are still there.

Great freedom is given to all employees, but with such freedom comes great responsibility. "If there is a single phrase to describe our work process, it would be “State of the Art”. A good job demands good tools, so that is what we use, the latest and greatest tools, technologies and methodologies in software development.

We provide our developers the best equipment and the best environment so their only concern is the task at hand. The work is done via top-notch developer-oriented laptops with a strong preference for Apple devices

  • PHP (Laravel,
  • Doctrine),
  • JS (Angular.js,
  • Node.js),
  • Golang,
  • InfluxDB,
  • ElasticSearch,
  • Redis,
  • MongoDB,
  • MySQL,
  • Git/Gitlab,
  • PHPStorm IDE,
  • Vagrant,
  • iTerm and quite often plain old pen and paper
  • Pivotal Tracker,
  • Jira,
  • Google apps,
  • HipChat

Our team

HolidayPirates Group has over 150 employees on the global level, and constantly expanding. In Serbia we plan to have at least 30 by the end of 2017.

Our team in Serbia is growing steadily, and we’re looking for talented and enthusiastic developers, and above all, we’re looking for those who want to be a part of the friendly pirate family.
With active encouragement for constant learning and improvement, we’re offering an environment where it is impossible not to become a better developer.

Operations Manager
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
Backend Developer
Backend Developer, Team Lead
Backend Developer
Office Manager

Where we work

Pirate Technologies is located in the Airport City Belgrade office park, a very modern complex in the municipality of Novi Beograd. Open space solution is implemented for the working area, and in addition we have 2 larger conference rooms and a smaller quiet room (small meeting, or for Skype or phone calls).

There is well equipped and stocked kitchenette with drinks and fresh fruits, a dining area within the kitchenette, and there is also a common room for rest and recreation (table tennis, video beam wall, gaming console, lazy bags, etc.).

The size and the layout of the office is such that quite a number of people can work there without sacrificing comfort and the warm and fuzzy feeling we worked so hard to establish in the company.

Strategically located near the highway, and with proximity to the Ada Bridge, the Old Railway Bridge and Branko’s Bridge guarantee good traffic connectivity.

It is exceptionally well connected with public transit lines with bus lines 610, 67, 68, 708, 73, 76, 85 and 94 stopping right in front of the business park. Additionally, within 10 minutes walking distance there are bus lines 71, 89 95, E1, E5, E6 and tram lines 7, 9 and 13.

Join us

As a new member of the HolidayPirates Group, Pirate Technologies d.o.o was founded by the group in Belgrade in late 2015.

The base was established for further investments in new technology and the advancement of our own products.