Junior IT Support Engineer


Atomia is a fast-growing company based in Västerås, Sweden, and Niš, Serbia. We develop, market and sell our cloud hosting software to hosting companies all across the world. We are now looking to expand our support team in Serbia and would love to have you along for the ride.


As part of the Atomia Support team, you will interact with our customers, troubleshoot technical and account issues, and escalate cases as needed. You have technical troubleshooting experience, strong customer service instincts, and a passion for IT products and services.


We expect that you’re able to work independently with a minimum of supervision in a fast-paced environment, while effectively managing and prioritizing multiple tasks.


Our team is composed of creative, open, and easy-going people, and working at Atomia will be fun. However, to maintain this spirit we need very capable people on board. We expect nothing but the best.

You will do good if you:

  • know SQL
  • feel comfortable with working in a Linux server environment
  • can read and understand logs and stacks traces
  • write and speak English fluently
  • have an analytical mind and strong problem-solving skills.
  • have strong communication skills
  • are self-motivated, creative, and flexible.
  • are willing to continuously learn new technologies.

You will do amazing if you:

  • can read and understand code in different programming languages.
  • know how email works (IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Postfix, Dovecot, Amavis, etc).
  • understand web protocols (DNS, HTTP, TLS, etc.).
  • know how to manage different web servers (Apache, IIS, Litespeed, etc).
  • can write bash, shell, or powershell scripts.
  • know your way around Windows Server and Active directory.
  • understand how domain registration works.
  • have experience with virtualization (OpenStack, AWS, VMWare, etc.).
  • have excellent customer service skills.

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