Vega IT Sourcing

Internship for Front-end Developers




The front-end internship at Vega IT lasts three weeks during which time candidates work on small projects by themselves while a mentor is there to assist them for a short amount of time  – around 15 minutes per day –  just to provide them with the best practical advice.

The reason why we require a certain level of knowledge before the internship begins is because we expect you, the candidate, to begin programming and solving real problems on your first day in our company.

NB: It is really important to distinguish this internship from a training course since our goal is only to upgrade your existing knowledge.

Your main focus during your internship should be to adopt writing semantic HTML, clean CSS, and using Vanilla JS. JS frameworks (React, Angular, Vue) will not be covered during the internship.

The following list shows what would be great to know and understand before applying for the internship as a front-end developer at Vega IT:

During the internship the candidate will independently work on smaller projects, while the mentor will be controlling their performance, answering the questions and solving misunderstandings on a daily basis.

It’s important to highlight that the mentor will do a code review after each completed assignment and that they will provide the candidate with constructive feedback which they could use to advance and improve their knowledge.