Experienced UX developer

We are actively using and developing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to change the world. Our role is driving that change forward. We seek out new efficiencies in social sciences and software→ https://xcalibra.com/

We are seeking an experienced UX developer to augment a small team of dedicated developers working on Xcalibra – the first Serbian cryptocurrency exchange platform.

You would be our ideal candidate if:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience designing on the web. Xcalibra is a complicated web application, with high information density. It would be great if you had worked on something like that before.
  • You can write some frontend code (HTML, CSS, JS). We are a small team of mostly full-stack developers, and don’t have management infrastructure to support a pure specialist. This role would be best fitted to a generalist-style person, or someone interested in advancing their career in that direction.
  • You can use Adobe Suite or similar software to manipulate assets produced by graphic designers or even create simple visuals yourself.
  • You are extremely detail oriented and dedicated to making the best product possible. You are never satisfied with the first draft. You are willing to go back to the drawing board again and again until the design looks just right.
  • You are proactive. You hate sitting idly, waiting on feedback. Instead, you propose new ideas or go back to fix previous features that never quite sat right with you. You are OK with a flat organizational structure.
  • You are comfortable communicating in English, in written and verbal form.

Benefits of joining the team:

  • Market rate salary and up, depending on the experience.
  • No outsourcing, no dealing with clients or salesmen – we work on our own product.
  • Small multi-disciplinary team with low management overhead.
  • Stimulating environment, quiet city center location, commodious space
  • Ergonomic chairs, consideration for lumbago, pain relief program.
  • Great hardware setup, based on your choice (Mac or PC).
  • Organized free lunch every day. Fridge full of snacks and drinks.
  • Company sponsored trips to conferences and meetups.
  • Bonuses based on achievements.

Prijavi se do 17/11/20

Lokacija — Beograd

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