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We are expanding the multinational team working on a modern and intelligent cloud-native platform for Core Banking and searching for experienced full stack developers! The SaaS platform is fully built on Azure, microservice-based, following the principles of Event-Driven and CQRS architecture. Frontends are built in React using functional components and hooks. A fluent design system is used for building a user interface. This position offers an opportunity to build new features of the product, where the team is empowered to innovate and implement the technologies and solutions they see fit.

Project, teams, requirements & duties

 What you will be working on?

What do we expect from you?

Our projects & stack:

The project is about building an intelligent Azure cloud-native Platform for Core Banking and financial service providers. It enables a full front-to-back banking system, that helps easy creation and adjustment of banking products. Besides, full security features and access controls are implemented as well as providing features to a customer for customizing the products per their own business needs. We write unit tests and deliver high-quality software continuously with CI/CD software pipelines. Our projects follow a standard setup with four environments, having separate environments for development, testing, user acceptance, and production.

The technology stack used on the platform (dev) is:

Our teams: In our teams, we have the frontend, backend developers, test automation engineers, DevOps engineers, and a delivery manager (scrum master), while the product owner is client-side. Teams are organized per domain knowledge. We use Scrum as a framework for project management – we hold daily standup meetings where every team member can have a say.

Your position in the organization: This position will be a part of one of our .Net departments in Novi Sad and your department manager would be one of our senior .Net developers/Tech Leads who would be there to guide you and support your career development.

What do we offer?

And much more when we get back to office life! You will hear more details during the interview!