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The company has an Engineering & Delivery business unit that encompasses all development projects within HTEC and is working under the guidance of the Director of Engineering & Delivery. Engineering Leads are the key pillars of the unit, ensuring that HTEC’s technical solutions are effectively delivered, providing clear and significant value to our clients, and assuming full responsibility for the teams under their management.

Your Responsibilities

Delivery & Client Relationship Management

People Management

Key Qualifications

Your career in HTEC

The Engineering Lead role is the first role on the Engineering Management track, and from there, you can advance to Senior Engineering Lead and Engineering Manager roles while your progress is being driven by objectively measurable dimensions. As an Engineering Lead, you operate as a part of our E&D core team that has regular knowledge-sharing events and learning opportunities, as well as other available resources crafted by HTEC’s Leadership team. Additionally, one of our Engineering Managers will be there to mentor and support you through your career development.

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