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AllThingsTalk Cloud is a scalable IoT Application Enablement Platform which can be used as an agile, rapid prototyping environment, as well as full service roll-out of connected products. It lets you connect your devices over a variety of networks and seamlessly manages connected devices and users, organising access and usage of the collected data. →

Hi! Looking for a job? Bored of doing the same old stuff?

If you have multiple years of experience in developing backend applications, if you love designing systems, and using and implementing new technologies – we have a great offer for you here at AllThingsTalk.

AllThingsTalk is building an Internet of Things cloud platform, used by makers and businesses who are getting into IoT all around the world. We are a small, distributed team, working from Ghent in Belgium, and Belgrade in Serbia in which everyone’s opinion is heard and everyone’s ideas can make it into the product.

AllThingsTalk Development team

Would you like to implement microservices?

Our platform is built on a microservice architecture. Services are primarily written in Python and C#. We use gRPC to communicate between the services, which all run in Docker containers on Kubernetes. In the background, we’re also using RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis and Neo4J. All our VMs are running Linux and are hosted on Azure.

We’d like you to help us build new services and extend existing ones, keep them documented, automatically testable and easily deployable. To be able to do this, you will have to code well, understand basic system design patterns, have experience with databases, version control systems, and web development in general. Haven’t worked with some of these technologies? No problem, some of these things were new to us as well, but we love challenges.

How to apply

Send us your CV and a short motivation letter. We like interesting GitHub accounts, and projects you can show us. We don’t care about your age or gender. We don’t require formal education, but we do require willingness to learn and innovate. We like hearing stories from the trenches and the problems you have solved.

On to the interview process

  1. We will immediately send you a challenge that we think can be completed in couple of hours. Take your time and send us your solution. It doesn’t need to be 100% complete, show us your progress at any time.
  2. If we’re happy with your progress, we’ll contact you by phone to get to know you better.
  3. We will then call you to our office to meet the team. We won’t ask you to code and we count on your questions.
  4. If the team thinks you’re a fit, you will proceed to an interview with upper management to discuss the contract.
  5. And… you’re in!

To apply, send Branko an email using the form below or follow this link.

AllThingsTalk LinkedIn

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