‘You Should Get to Know a Recruiter Before You Need One—Here’s How’

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Like much else when it comes to career development, the key is to be proactive, hiring professionals say. Even if you aren’t planning to change jobs imminently, you almost definitely will in the future, and maybe sooner than you think. Building relationships with recruiters now is an investment in that process and a buffer against any unforeseen events that might set it in motion.

Get clear on what type of recruiter you should connect with. — Start by determining whom you should be talking to based on your skills and long-term goals. Check out recruiters’ LinkedIn and Twitter presences and whether they’re active in groups relevant to your industry.

Recruiters are people, too. Be kind, don’t waste their time. — The best networking is proactive as opposed to simply transactional. When reaching out to a recruiter, draw on the same interpersonal and communication skills you would use to develop any other relationship.

Manage your expectations for the future. — It is crucial to remember that recruiters are looking to fill specific openings, not to find roles for job seekers. But a recruiter getting in touch about a job that isn’t right for you at the moment could be an easy way to kick-start a relationship.

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