'What does a design leader do?'

‘What does a design leader do?’

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“What does your job entail?” is the most common question I get when speaking with junior and senior designers alike. It reveals a phenomenon we see in the UX/product design field: most people don’t know what designers do, making the role of design leader even more obscure. With the field maturing, I believe it’s important that we demystify design leadership. Read on to learn about the dimensions of the role and my favorite resources for new and aspiring design leaders.

When leaders do this well: We see a team of strong individuals working together cohesively, in a culture based on integrity, inclusive collaboration, and no drama.

The more mature the design practice, the better design decisions we see.

When leaders do this well: The company actively seeks to measure and improve the customer experience beyond short-term fixes. Designers and design leaders have a seat at the strategy table and thrive in helping to reach decisions for the business.

By now, you’ve realized that design leadership doesn’t entail doing design at all. It’s about building a team, empowering them, and enabling the business to thrive with collective design knowledge as an advantage.


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