Tehnološke kompanije beleže neke od najviših medijalnih plata u Americi 2021. godine, navodi WSJ

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Competition for hourly workers intensified last year across industries. Some companies paid bonuses to attract new workers or keep them in jobs, as stores, offices and airports reopened or increased capacity. White-collar workers, especially in technology and finance roles, have been in demand during much of the past two years...

...The Journal analyzed annual disclosures by nearly 450 companies using data from securities filings provided by MyLogIQ. Since about 2018, U.S. publicly traded companies have been required to identify the median worker from their global workforce and disclose that person’s compensation, including overtime and benefits, in the same way that they calculate total compensation for chief executive officers and other top executives...

...Bigger paydays are on the way for many workers this year—for top earners and those lower down the scales. Amazon.com Inc. is raising its cap on base pay to $350,000 from $160,000, while Apple Inc. said it would raise salaries and its minimum hourly wage for U.S. workers to $22.

Twelve of the top 25 best-paid median workers in 2021 were at tech companies or tech-driven media platforms, including Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. and Netflix.

Atop the Journal’s analysis was Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., where the median employee received $295,884, up 14% from 2019 and an 8% increase from 2020.

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