Šema za procenu potencijala za povećanja zarade u IT kompanijama


I’m seeing the software engineering compensation market becoming trimodal – split into three distinct groups that “spike” and that have little overlaps.  Most engineers are not aware of this third, Big Tech pillar and the compensation ranges it introduces, assuming compensation can not go beyond what is offered at the second pillar.

Here is the split of the three groups of companies, based on their compensation philosophy:

#1: Companies only benchmarking against their local competition and non-tech companies, competing with their local competitors. Startups with little capital and bootstrapped companies might fall in this category. In the Netherlands, these companies would pay €50,000-75,000/year for a senior engineering role.

#2: Companies benchmarking against all local companies, even if they are not direct competitors. In the Netherlands, examples of these companies would be eBay classifieds, Adyen, Nike, Disney Streaming, and well-funded, high-growth startups like Catawiki, FindHotel, Miro, MessageBird, TripActions would also be in this category. These companies would typically pay €75,000-125,000 total compensation (base salary + bonus + equity) for a senior engineering role in the Netherlands.

#3: Big Tech: companies benchmarking against all regional or global companies. In Europe, this means competing against all other major EU companies, and often recruiting people from London, Berlin, Barcelona, and outside the EU. These companies would typically pay €125,000-250,000+ total compensation for a senior engineering role in the Netherlands (meaning base salary + bonus + equity value: either liquid or paper-value: this would be up to around $300K/year in dollar value).

Most engineers making outsized compensation in Europe have done so by taking a moderate risk on a high-growth, road-to-public company, joining before the IPO, and negotiating for equity. 

What this means is both a new grad and a senior software engineer could be making up to 4x the annual compensation, depending on what company they are working at.

Autor teksta razvija i sajt https://techpays.com/ sa poslovima koji daju opseg plata, za sada ima samo par evropskih zemalja.



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