Pad akcija IT kompanija može im pomoći da nađu talentovane radnike, navodi WSJ link-img

As of May 13, postings on Indeed for software developers were 125% higher when compared with a prepandemic baseline figure from February of 2020. Postings for all jobs, not just tech ones, in the San Francisco Bay Area have also been holding steady at around 36% above the same baseline.

The perception created by the recent announcements about tech jobs will help big tech companies hire better employees, says Matt Hulett, a startup-turnaround specialist who has headed more than a half-dozen companies, and has been an executive in the tech industry since before the first dot-com crash in 2000. It could also help them fill some of the backlog of open positions they have maintained of late. Until tech-company share prices and revenue projections began tanking early this year, Mr. Hulett says had never seen a labor market like that of 2021, even during the most frenzied days of Web 1.0.

Flight to safety

Several factors could drive workers into the arms of big tech companies in the coming months or, should the U.S. enter a recession, years.

In the short term, companies’ announcing they are tapping the brakes on hiring has a psychological effect on employees and job seekers, says Ms. Swerland. This kind of news can make those who are already employed by a “safe” company more likely to stay, and free agents more likely to accept any given offer, she adds.



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