Office paketi poskupljuju 20% za biznise koji plaćaju mesečno umesto godišnje, neki se bune link-img

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In 2022, Microsoft is rolling out what it's calling the New Commerce Experience for Office, revamping the way customers buy its software through business partners. While the company hasn't publicly announced a specific price change, it has informed partners that organizations paying by the month will face a 20% hike unless they move to annual subscriptions.

For Microsoft, the opportunity to lock customers into longer arrangements means potentially better visibility into revenue and less concern about churn, a critical element of subscription businesses. Software vendors commonly offer discounts for annual subscriptions compared to monthly sign-ups, and many larger enterprises prefer that option.

A majority of Microsoft's revenue comes from business customers, rather than consumers, and 95% of the its commercial revenue is derived through partners. Clients that specifically buy through Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider program are the ones affected by the subscription plan change, and Microsoft doesn't disclose what percentage of its customers buy products that way.

The change follows a publicly-announced increase in August, when Microsoft said it was raising prices in March 2022 for subscriptions to its Microsoft 365 bundles by 8.5% to 20% per user, depending on the tier.


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