Neki ulagači u ConstitutionDAO ogorčeni jer će veliki deo novca pojesti troškovi transakcija link-img

Članak prati previranja, kontradiktorne izjave i promene planova koje su nastale nakon što ConstitutionDAO nije uspeo da kupi primerak američkog Ustava.

Dok zajednica planira da evoluira i izda novi token, te vrati ljudima uloženi novac, vrednost $PEOPLE tokena pada. Brojni članovi zajednice su ogorčeni, jer na neuspeh kupovine gledaju kao na propalu investiciju i očekuju obeštećenje od čelnika projekta, ali se ispostavlja da visoki troškovi transakcija na blokčejnu čine povraćaj novca za manje iznose skoro pa besmislenim, što samo još više doprinosi haosu.

Iz članka:

The community of crypto investors who tried and failed to buy a copy of the U.S. Constitution last week has descended into chaos as people are realizing today that roughly half of the donors will have the majority of their investment wiped out by cryptocurrency fees. Meanwhile, disagreements have broken out over the future of ConstitutionDAO, the original purpose of the more than $40 million crowdfunding campaign, and what will happen to the $PEOPLE token that donors were given in exchange for their contributions.

Many donors are indeed getting an education about Ethereum and web3, but it's certainly not all positive as the community tries to quickly come up with a reason it should exist at all after failing in its initial goal.

Crucially, ConstitutionDAO repeatedly said that donors were not buying a fractionalized share of the Constitution and that individual donors would not "own" part of the Constitution, they would merely have a say in where it was displayed, etc. ConstitutionDAO also said that donating to the project should not be looked at as an "investment."

That's all well and good, but regardless of the intentions of the core team, many people of course were looking at this as an investment (the meme was "buy the Constitution," after all.) Clearly, some people expected to be able to flip either a tiny ownership stake in the Constitution or $PEOPLE tokens for a profit. This did start happening over the weekend, with some investors selling $PEOPLE tokens on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap. ConstitutionDAO repeatedly said on Discord that it "neither prohibits nor encourages any secondary trading of the $PEOPLE token."

About half of all people who contributed to ConstitutionDAO are in this exact same boat, according to ConstitutionDAO itself. Admins posted on Discord immediately following the auction that "we had 17,437 donors, with a median donation size of $206.26. A significant percentage of these donations came from wallets that were initialized for the first time."

This means that about half of all people who donated to ConstitutionDAO are now going to either lose basically everything they put into Ethereum network fees or will have to become a supporter of an organization that tried to buy the Constitution, failed, and now essentially has no purpose.

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