Najviše nesrećnim nas čine šefovi, najnesrećniji smo na poslu

Najviše nesrećnim nas čine šefovi, najnesrećniji smo na poslu link-img

Analiza knjige Can We Be Happy? Ričarda Lajarda sa Londonske škole ekonomije i političkih nauka, koja ističe da je veći broj stvari važniji za sreću od prihoda, te da smo najnesrećniji na poslu i zbog šefova.

Iz članka:

Perhaps this is why, on one of Layard’s many detailed charts about happiness, clergy score the highest as a profession in happiness, and fitness instructors, for example, score higher than some executives. The latter have got plenty to fix — the key reason so many people find work to be a drag is that most bosses make us feel terrible, and few of us have any autonomy in terms of how and where we do our jobs.

All of these findings run counter to the American Puritan ethos that has driven a lot of US development, as well as European philosophies that glorify struggle: suffering and hard work doesn’t make us better people. In fact, they are actively destructive.


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