‘My Path to Financial Independence as a Software Engineer’

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Ne znam da li je finansijska nezavisnost u Americi 2,5 miliona dolara, šta autor podrazumeva pod tim terminom, i koliko je kod nas primenjiv savet da se zapošljavaš po firmama čija vrednost na berzi će rasti, ali ima dobrih saveta.

One of the watershed moments of my life was as a 20 year old intern attending a workplace presentation about personal finance. Over the course of one hour, I learnt about the power of buy-and-hold investing and compound growth. I learnt that even an average engineer with a five-figure salary can become a millionaire by her late 30s, through financial discipline and investment planning. This was both inspiring and energizing. I had always thought that I would need to work until I was 60, just to pay the bills and make ends meet. That being a “multi-millionaire” is something to dream of, not something to plan for. This talk changed the way I thought about my financial destiny.

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that I’ve been very privileged, especially in the educational opportunities I’ve had. There are many steps in my journey that would be hard or impossible for others to replicate. But maybe there are others that you would find more useful and applicable in your own life.

A second disclaimer. It’s unfortunate that there’s much societal stigma around talking about money. Those who don’t make as much are made to feel embarrassed. And those who make more are often told to hide this fact, lest they be seen as arrogant and conceited. I think this is a shame. Money should be treated like health. It’s a necessity of life, and something we should prioritize. But not something that defines you or your value as a human being. The more openly we talk about money, the more we can learn from each other, and the better we can manage our own finances.



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