Kako bi Spotify, Figma, Slack izgledali u MacOS 9

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Sam tekst ne dočarava u punoj meri vizuelne i UX aspekte eksperimenta, pa preporučujem da se pogleda YT video.

Iz članka:

To help me understand how modern applications would have looked liked in the Mac OS 9 era, I had to start analysing the OS in greater detail.

I then started creating a Library of Mac OS 9 components that I reused throughout my project. The Mac OS 9: UI Kit is available to the whole Figma community. Feel free to use it for your own personal projects as well.


Even though Design and UI trends definitely changed a lot in the past 20 years, applications still behave and look (somehow, aesthetic aside) very similar. After all, it is indeed difficult to replace well installed behaviour such as visual feedback on hover, scroll for more content, double click to launch application, etc. Basically, because our Operating Systems still behave in a similar way, so did the UI and the UX of many of our apps.

One area where both UI and UX improved dramatically as part of the operating systems is on the accessibility front. The apparition (and improvement) of a full-fletched Voice Control, integrated screen readers, dark mode, etc. is definitely what stood out the most looking back at Mac OS 9.




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