Kako američki inženjer procenjuje vrednost programera na tržištu

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Članak dosta detaljno opisuje iskustvo američkog inženjera i metod kojim računa vrednost programera na tržištu. Činjenica da je, kako kaže, dosad uspešno procenio tržišnu vrednost većeg broja ljudi svedoči o tome da model ima nekog smisla, ali je možda još važnija činjenica da se metod zasniva na bazama podataka o platama koje nama nedostaju, i time samo podcrtava potrebu za transparentnošću.

Iz članka:

I want to share a method people can use to figure out what the “market rate” for their skills might be.

Background and caveats

My knowledge is limited to for-profit US companies. The data I’m using, and the industry connections I’ve got, all are very heavily US-biased. My goal here is to help people figure out a “market rate” for labor. I don’t give broad advice on how to negotiate, because that’s much more contextual.

How to figure out a fair market rate for tech labor

So to figure out the market rate for a particular engineering role, I look up a compensation range on levels.fyi, and then apply locality adjustments from Robert Half. Finally, in 2021 I’m seeing offers coming in 10-25% above the midpoints suggested by this technique, so I tend to look towards the upper end of the range.

Salaries for fully-remote jobs are still all over the map. Some organizations are offering salaries that are adjusted to the locale where the company is based; others adjust based on where the employee lives. Increasingly, though, I’m seeing fully-remote companies start to pay something that looks roughly like the national average, i.e. the numbers I call “unadjusted”, regardless of where the employee lives. So when I’ve been looking at salaries for fully-remote roles, I’ve been using unadjusted salaries.

Example: an engineer with 5 years of experience

Here’s an example from my email: At Robin’s level of experience, they’d be mid-career or senior-level at most larger companies – so that would be something like an L4-L5 at Google, ICT3-ICT4 at Apple, MTS-SMTS at Salesforce, etc. Bay Area salaries, according to levels.fyi, for these levels range from $190k to $350k. Robin’s experience puts them in the middle of this range most likely, but given the inflation in the Bay Area, they might be able to get somewhere towards the top of this range.



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