Investitori u Wolt zaradili 200x

Investitori u Wolt zaradili 200x link-img
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Članak je pod naslovom "is Wolt worth 8 billion?"

Is it a good deal? Of course it is, any liquidity event in Europe is significant, particularly because Europe is not really a great environment for this kind of deals.

Investors are happy and were quick to publicly trumpet in the market that they cashed out at 200x. That is just a minor media angle though.

Founders also happy not because of returns but because it looks like a good chemistry match to further build stuff with a strong partner. In a hyper competitive industry like e-commerce, having on your side a savvy American strategic looking to build is more important than having a bunch of investors looking for the right time to exit.

Also notably, Wolt was acquired, not sold. Doordash has been shopping around Europe for a while, and was known to have been eyeing many deals from the young VC-backed grocery startups class. They actually led an equity round in Flink at a $2.1 billion valuation, and now they have upped the ante, Europe is strategic and tech-based assets are still relatively cheap compared to long term returns.

Wolt was tentatively planning to IPO in the near future, and the $8.1 billion tag is at around a 100-120% premium than what their investors were expecting. Did I mention that investors were happy with the DD deal?


Čuo sam da su ljudi u Srbiji imali izbor da odaberu manju platu i dobiju neki mali share u kompaniji.

Baš me zanima da li je neko odabrao i tu opciju i koliko im se to sada isplatilo


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