'Great writing is an extension of the product'

‘Great writing is an extension of the product’

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In 2008, designer Paul Armstrong launched web.without.words, a project where he eliminated words and turned popular websites into wireframes. Armstrong wanted to, “visually represent [his] core belief that hierarchy, grid systems and uniformity ultimately lead to a more natural user experience.”

Perhaps you already accept some writing elements as crucial parts of the product, like the documentation and the changelog. The intention for both of these types of writing is to better understand, or stay informed with, the product. Naturally, they’re seen as extensions of it.

Treat All Writing Like the Docs and Changelog

The blog, guest posts, one-pagers, sales decks, press kits, and the landing pages should not be seen separate from the product. Just like the documentation and the changelog, everything is an extension of the product. It all needs to be one cohesive experience, even if it’s a range of developers, UX writers, and marketers who contribute their own respective, separate, pieces of writing.

Everything Needs Words

The companies that take its words as seriously will give its products a competitive advantage. It means expanding the value and focus of writing — or “content” — beyond marketing, and into everywhere else in the organization.


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