Full-time posao na open source projektima?

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Developer koji je odlučio da se u potpunosti posveti radu na open source projektima kaže da će se u narednom periodu za prihode umnogome oslanjati na GitHub Sponsors program, čime se postavlja pitanje koliko je to zaista vijabilno?


Iz članka:

I recently came to a decision which will have a big impact on my open source work. In particular Rich and Textual, but also pyfilesystem and lomond. For the foreseeable future, possibly up to a year, I'll be working on them essentially full time.

The end-goal with Textual is to make it the best way to create applications in the terminal (with Python or any other language). I want to do this by borrowing the best techniques from the web world which have been the intense focus of development for over a decade, but have rarely been applied to the terminal. I would also like to push the boundaries of what you would typically imagine a terminal application to be capable of. Terminals these days use video-game technology to support 16.7 million colors and can push updates at 60 frames per second or higher. I want to see what we can build if we allow ourselves to dip in to that power.

As much as I love flashy effects in the terminal, my main motivation with Textual is to make it easier to build Text User Interfaces (TUIs). The lowest common denominator for a (human) interface would be a command line interface. Python is not short of ways of adding a CLI (I like Typer), but what if it was at least as easy (or easier) to build a TUI? Maybe apps would be TUI first, or have --tui switch if you want a more discoverable way of working with an application.

Full disclosure though, my motivation for this is more mutual than selfless. I think that there are commercial applications of Textual down the line, which may become a business. Textual itself will of course always be free and open source forever.



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