Francuska želi da ukloni Wish sa svog interneta

Francuska želi da ukloni Wish sa svog interneta link-img

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Several French ministers have issued a common statement announcing that they have asked the main search engines and mobile app stores operating in France to hide Wish’s website and mobile app altogether.

Last year, the French administration in charge of consumer rights and fraud started investigating Wish. At the time, the direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGCCRF) suspected that it was a bit too easy to mislead consumers and sell counterfeit goods on Wish, such as sneakers and perfumes with images incorrectly showing the logos of famous brands.

The French administration then ordered 140 different goods on Wish — most of them were imported products. This time, they wanted to find out whether those products were safe or not.

Ninety-five percent of toys that they acquired on the platform didn’t comply with European regulation — 45% of them were deemed dangerous. When it comes to electronics goods, 95% of them also shouldn’t be available in Europe, and 90% of them were dangerous in one way or another.


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