Eidos Montreal postaje prvi veliki gejming studio koji prelazi na četvorodnevnu radnu nedelju

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Na osnovu komentara i drugih medijskih napisa, deluje da mnogi smatraju ovo potencijalnom prekretnicom za industriju.

Iz članka:

According to the company’s announcement, the change will go into effect both for the Montreal location and for Eidos-Sherbrooke, a separate research and development studio. Starting in the next few weeks, both locations will close on Fridays, meaning employees will now work from Monday through Thursday. However, some reports state that this will only apply to full-time employees, rather than contract workers.

David Anfossi, head of the studio, said of the work balance: “The idea is not to condense the working hours into 4 days, but rather to review our ways of doing things and our quality time invested, with the aim of working better!” The company is also trimming the fat in other areas, such as reducing meeting times from one hour to thirty minutes.

Eidos would be the first major game studio to work on a four-day schedule. Some indie studios have also implemented a four-day week, including Bugsnax developer Young Horses. Eidos, however, is a much larger studio (several hundred employees vs Young Horses’ eight), meaning that this could potentially have a much larger effect.


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