Da li programerske karijere zamiru u 35-oj godini?

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Prethodno se na Startit Zajednici pokrenula tema o globalnom IT tržištu i ideji da se programeri stariji od 40 godina smatraju „starim” i da potencijalno dobijaju manje prilika, uprkos godinama iskustva. Prema autoru ovog teksta, "starijih" programera nema u velikom broju, jer kada dostignu određene godine počnu da razmišljaju i dalje od koda.


Iz članka:

According to the latest StackOverflow Developer’s Survey, the largest cohort of developers sits in the 25–29 years old age bracket. However, in reality, these figures are based on a survey distributed by StackOver to their community members. This can lead to a skew in the age range of users that favors the under 29 cohorts.

The general career path for a developer looks something like this:

Once you’ve hit the senior developer title, the only progression upwards is some sort of management role. However, not everyone wants to be a manager and not everyone wants to feel like they’ve reached a dead-end in their career either. In the grand scheme of things, many of us don’t want to spend our time doing the same thing over and over again.

Some may start to shift their careers away from the traditional 9 to 5 and into spaces like freelancing, starting their own startups, launching their own solopreneur apps, consultancy, or teaching. Others shift from software and general application development and to newer fields like data sciences and AI.

Like all careers, the transition often occurs after a few years into working on the job. By then, you’ve seen almost everything — things start to feel routine. If you started in your 20s, by the time you hit your 30s, you might start to question and look beyond the code.


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