„Cloudflare just disrupted 3 industries in 1 week”

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Last week, Cloudflare announced not one, but four major new features that could disrupt industries and make building your Minimum Viable Product significantly faster and cheaper.

1. Cloud storage with no egress fees

If you use Amazon S3, your biggest headache expense is the outbound transfer. Last week, CloudFlare announced R2 storage where they totally eliminate the bandwidth fees and only charge $0.015 per GB of data stored per month.

2. Free/cheap real-time communication tools (WebRTC, livestreaming)

Cloudflare announced "WebRTC components", an API for WebRTC using their global edge network. For WebRTC to work reliably, you need several components like STUN/TURN servers which can be expensive (take a look at Twilio's pricing, for example). Cloudflare's WebRTC components will basically make this free, allowing you to offload TURN and STUN to their own huge network.

3. Tools to more easily build Web3 applications (Etherium and IPFS)

Running and setting up the infrastructure for Web 2.0 apps is painful. Accessing it via the browser is (almost) impossible. Cloudflare has announced their "Distributed Web Gateways" which should solve these problems. Developers will interact with HTTP calls, which CloudFlare will translate to PFS or Ethereum functions, while adding Cloudflare added-value services on the HTTP side.


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