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The paper diaries from our childhood still live on. Old books and documents survive for centuries. We can still see the original US Declaration of Independence (200 years old). Or the Guttenberg Bible (500 years old). We can even see the Cuthbert Gospel (1300 years old). Scriptures carved in stone survive for millennia (the Code of Hammurabi is 3700 years old).

Digital data does not survive in this way. There is first the problem of the storage medium. Physical storing devices change roughly every 10 years: It used to be floppy disks, then it was CDs, then DVDs, then flash drives (USB sticks), and now the cloud. Whenever a new technology comes up, support for the older technologies fades out. There are today no more floppy drives. Furthermore, the devices themselves have a life span of about 10 years. After that time, they forget their data. Hard drives, for example, typically last around 5 years before they start becoming faulty. We may think that the cloud is the solution. However, cloud companies, likewise, may cease to exist. The only way to keep your data alive despite these changes is to constantly copy it from the older technology to the newer one.

At the same time, media technology changes so rapidly that high longevity media is likely to be threatened by obsolescence before its useful life is over. Think of file formats: Have you ever tried to open a “WRI” file on your computer? This was a popular document format. Today, few programs can read such a file. One day, they may become inaccessible for the average user. The same fate may strike today’s MP3s, DOCX, or JPG one day. This leads to what has been called the Digital dark age: the impossibility to read historical electronic documents and multimedia, because they have been recorded in an obsolete and obscure file format. To prevent this from happening, you have to choose your archiving formats wisely. This guide will help you.

Interesantan vodič kroz različite digitalne formate namenjen onima koje intersuje dugoročno skladištenje podataka, tako da oni budu dostupni, pristupačni i netaknuti uprkos izmenama u standardima i napretku tehnologije. Pokriva audio zapise, slike, dokumente i još ponešto.



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