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All told, we must design a system that has the following requirements

  • Renders a frame every 16ms, where objects positions vary continuously and smoothly
  • Clients can easily communicate with each-other even when there may be huge latencies due to hardware or network troubles
  • Player can see each other move smoothly and respond to each others actions
  • Servers is the source of truth and can authoritatively run game and trigger game-events
  • Is fun

I am not sure if I can help with the last point, but the other four are possible with modern systems even if we have to cheat a bit. We have a few tricks we can use to make this system buttery smooth:

  • Allow clients to render predicted in-between frames filling in data between server syncs.
  • Clients predicts the game state ahead of time, guessing what it thinks the server will say, cutting down perceived latency but leading to jittering when wrong.
  • Lots of smoothing by averaging positions and baking in offsets that make jerky movements smooth and continuous
  • We run client-side AI systems that simulate other players responses to client actions

Interesantan pogled na tehničku kompleksnost mreža koje se koriste u video igrama a zahtevaju efikasnu komunikaciju između velikog broja klijenata sa različitim kvalitetom signala. Ceo tekst distupan i na linku:



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