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Blog post jednog programera koji iz pespektive prosečnog korisnika upoređuje Air 2013 sa novijim Air 2020 laptop računarom. Od skoro sam i ja napravio sličnu tranziciju, samo sa 2017, još prikupljam utiske.

Iz članka:

The TL;DR is that the 2020 is a 9.5/10 but the 2013 was a 10/10. I was in love with that machine since day one until the day I retired it.

Let's start with the things where the 2020 is better than the 2013:

  • Mind blowing battery life under normal and low use. You can easily get 14-16 hours when web browsing, writing or streaming. The 2013 used to get 10-12 with low use, and 5-7 with regular use, but this is incredible.
  • Great battery life under moderate load, about 7-10 hours. The 2013 suffered when the CPU was stressed and dropped to 3-4 hours.
  • The Retina screen is really nothing out of the ordinary nowadays, but it shines when compared to the TN panel that the 2013 had.
  • The speakers are incredible for a laptop this size. The 2013's were not bad for the time, but these are much better.

A few issues which are unique of the 2020:

  • The battery is degrading at the speed of light. After only 56 cycles the health is at 85%. My usage pattern is similar to the one I had with the 2013, and it took four years before I had to replace it.
  • Speaking of which, it has a non-user-serviceable battery or SSD. I had to swap both on my 2013 and I dread the moment this laptop completely dies because of SSD degradation.
  • The port selection sucks and it took me 4 tries to get a good USB/Thunderbolt dock
  • Speaking of which, the headphone jack is on the wrong side
  • External monitor EDID management is buggy and many LCDs look blurry. The 2013 had no issues with this.
  • External USB drives behave erratically. Sometimes they mount and unmount instantly, other times they take multiple minutes to mount/unmount
  • Emulation of Windows systems is in a bad state. I have multiple Virtualbox images which replicate older computers I used when I was a kid, for nostalgia reasons, and they stopped working.


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