10 miliona $ u kriptovalutama ukradeno hakovanjem BadgerDAO-a

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In yet another hack case in the DeFi sector, hackers have exploited BadgerDAO, draining $10 million from the decentralized finance protocol.

BadgerDAO is a protocol in the decentralized finance sector that allows traders access to various lending services and takes collateral in Bitcoin. In the reports that made the rounds today, users claimed that the hack was perpetrated through BadgerDAO’s interface and not its smart contracts like most hacks. Users claimed they were sent notifications about allowing new permissions while carrying out activities on the platform. With some users allowing the permissions, the hackers could cart away various amounts of digital assets going to a worth of $10 million.

After the hack, the protocol developers said that users complained that they witnessed the unauthorized drawing of funds from their accounts. However, the protocol has moved into action swiftly, putting everything on the protocol on hold at the moment. The developers have also claimed that engineers are working tirelessly to fix the issue and ascertain the level of damage that the breach may have caused. However, BadgerDAO has refused to comment on the exact amount of missing funds on the platform and the level of damage that needs repair before operations can continue.

Some analysis websites have claimed that the amount exploited from the platform is $100 million. After the hack, the native token of the platform, BADGER, dipped in value, losing about 15% of its value, and is currently trading around $22. Hacks have now become predominant in the DeFi sector as the year draws to a close. Some days ago, MonoX, another DeFi protocol, got hacked with the illicit actors carting away more than $30 million in different digital assets.



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