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About us

LCB is a leading casino affiliate and one of the best available sources for all gambling related matters. Ever since our inception in 2006, we have been fulfilling a vision of greatness, setting new standards of affiliate marketing and continually staying one step ahead of the latest innovations.

While we offer an abundance of gaming related services, our main goals are educating players in choosing casinos to play at and helping our clients to become and stay relevant in the industry.

At our website, you will find every aspect of gambling covered in great detail. Players can consult over 1,000 unbiased casino reviews, 3,000 slot reviews and over 300 official casino representatives present on our forum.

Over 88,000 registered members keep us going and inspires our dedicated team to continue to improve our services. To show how much we appreciated their support, we became one of the first affiliates to introduce a Loyalty Rewards program awarding members with various prizes at our player shop.

We deliver flawless aesthetics, outstanding responsiveness and seamless performance of the medium through which we can communicate with greater efficiency and provide our customers the best means to continue complementing each other's expertise and abilities.

What we are building

Driven by the need to improve beyond what we thought possible and fueled by the unconditional support we have been getting all this time, we will continue to push boundaries and deliver the kind of valuable knowledge and premium services not found anywhere else.

Our offer contains everything any gambling enthusiast and business client can possibly need for the most comprehensive gaming experience or most profitable online presence.

How we are working

Hard work and great fun can fit together perfectly - we managed to create a home-like environment balancing on the edge where high productivity and relaxed attitudes meet. It is our number one priority to make our team feel appreciated, free to cultivate their creativity and individuality.

Through joint efforts and sincere communication, our office became a buzzing beehive where all invaluable members work together as one. Our vital core and primary focus are centered around maximizing your gaming experience and achieving greater synergy between the idea and the expression. We love what we do and it shows.'

Our team

The LCB team has remained together in its original makeup since the inception in 2006. Although we all have our own unique identity and ideas, over the years we have learned how to perform as one mind, continually improving and providing our customers with the best services.

Mutual assistance, consideration and support are all important aspects of our tight-knit community. Using the best ways to combine our skills and wits, we are relentlessly pushing forward to reach the greater heights of success.

Where we work

Our comfortable offices are located in the heart of New Belgrade - the Yu Biznis Centar complex. The spacious working areas are designed according to the needs of modern, urban life and busy schedule.

Practical, yet cozy and warm, it is a positive environment where you'll love spending time in. We have separate rest and dinning areas, as well as a large balcony where you can take a few moments for yourself and gather your thoughts. Everyone needs to have fun, that's why we have an entertainment room where we socialize, play football and darts, or just take our minds off work for a while. The offices are as fit for productive work as they are for throwing awesome parties talked about for months.

Join us

Do you think you can keep up with all the fun we have going here at LCB?

We need talented, ambitious people ready to enrich our team with their innovative ideas and creativity. If you can appreciate the ''Us'' as much as you do the "I'', then there is a lot we can accomplish together, to the mutual satisfaction and benefit.